and so it begins...

There are millions of ways to express your creativity.
We as a society have the yurning to stand out.
We do this by uniquely expressing ourselves through art and fashion.

Welcome to the blog that will make you wonder,
and question your own creativity. 
Dare Too love,funny,creative,outgoing,DIFFERENT.
All photos have been taken by myself,
unless otherwise noted. 


[dif-er-uhnt, dif-ruhnt]
1. Being not of the same kind.
2. Not alike in character or quaility
3. Not identicial
4. Not ordinary

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Tanning to the Next Level....H&M ad has doctors concerned...

H&M's newest collect of swimsuits is modeled by Isabeli Fontana...and her Spray Tan has doctors very concerned...Doctors in Europe are "displeased" with the message that H&M is sending...Full article posted below. 

Full Article:

Beauty within nature.

We must open our eyes to the beauty around us...Beauty is everywhere.