Limp Bizkit Signed to YMCMB?

You might remember Limp Bizkit from songs like My Generation and Faith. Which probably is the reason why they caught the eye of Lil Wayne himself....a profound rock music lover. On Thursday Wayne announced that Limp Bizkit will be joining there YMCMB line up, which includes talented artist such as @Drake, @NickiMinaj and @Tyga. Reports are now showing YMCMB is close to signing the 90s R&B icon Ashanti. Is YMCMB signing just about anyone? I wonder how the current line up feels about the new additions. 

Whitney Houston Dies at 48 years old

Look at Whitney on the Seventeen magazine cover....This was her first magazine cover ever!
She will always be remembered as the Queen of pop. RIP Whitney. <3

Grammy's Do's and Don'ts....

The 2012 Grammy's Red Carpet event was something NOT to miss. With fashion icons such as Taylor Swift in a glamourous gold elegant dress. And Katy Perry making a star studded appearance with her blue hair. I thought it would be good to mention some celebrities that lived up to their fashion excellence... and others that didn't do so well....
Rihanna arrived at the Grammy's in a heart stopping simple black Armani 
dress. With dramatic slits in the front and back....I would guess to
draw attention to....certain areas...
On the other hand...Nicki Minaj went above and beyond...but some would also call her stunt 
extremely controversial....arriving to the Grammy's arm and arm with 'The Pope', wearing a scarlet Versace dress uniquely
created for her. Some described her outfit as a cross between Red Riding Hood and a nun in red. Insiders have noted that this stunt was to promote her upcoming song Roman in Moscow...why are rappers creating songs with unique locations in the title??...Ni**as in Paris- Jay Z ft. Kanye West.

beauty is everywhere.

A Fine Frenzy- Almost Lover

Model: Tage
Dress: Century 21
Model: Chloe
Top: Cotton Shirt
Bottom: Hollister Jeans
Model: Rai
Top: Forever 21
Bottom: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Dr. Marteens

art of a hipster.

Artist:  Fab Ciraolo
Frida Kahlo chain-smoking Daft Punk fan

Where the 'Hipsters' go....

photo credit: Rai
photo credit: Chloe
everywhere is beautiful. first step to finding it, is opening your eyes.

Adele- The Same

In life we seem to always be attracted to people that we think are different then ourselves...
But something we seem to forget, is we are more alike then it look. We are The Same.
Model: Rai
Top: Country Road
Bottoms: American Eagle Outfitters
Model: T-Age
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Model: Chloe
Top: Ross
Bottom: Gap

Perfect Valentine's Day Outfit.

Dress: Forever 21, Asymmetrical Party Dress (fuchsia)
This is something I would wear to go out for
Valentine's Day.....What are you thinking about
wearing for that special someone? <3