Inspiring Beauty: Day One.

While going through my Facebook timeline one night, I came across this photo (see below)...which completely made me stop what I was doing to read the caption...(which is also below) after seeing this beautiful strong young lady I knew I had to feature her on my blog. I knew she inspired many people because from her one status post she had over 100 likes and many comments supporting her. Tati is someone that young girls should be looking up to... She is comfortable in her own skin and is truly inspiring. Thanks Girl.


Photo credit: Rena
Clothing: Thrift Store shirt, A regular scarf Tati styled, and Old Navy shorts.
Hi! I'm Tatiana! I wear a size 16 in clothing. I now weight 197 lbs and I feel pretty GREAT! To all my plus size girls out there...WE CAN STILL BE HOT & SKINNNN OUTTTT!!! DON'T BE ARAID. Just make sure you wear the proper clothing to go with your body type.

- Tati