What Do You Love?

Did you know that 1 and 5 girls DO NOT, believe that she has the ability to be a leader. And that there isn't a single women in a CEO or Board position in any of the top media companies. Yet, women are constantly perceived as sex symbols, aggressive, and "slutty" on top shows such as Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club. With all of these negative images pushed onto women, I wondered what a group of women loved about themselves...
What Do You Love...?
Shaleema Loves her SKIN.
Jermany Loves her LIPS.
Paige Loves her FRECKLES.
Brianna Loves her EYES.
Clyla Loves her FACE.
Elizabeth Loves her HAIR.
Sabrina Loves her LEGS.
Julie Loves her HAIR.
Chelsea Loves her NOSE.

 We love ourselves. And will not let the media decide what is BEAUTIFUL.

 Models Left to Right: Julie, Chelsea, Paige, Shaleema, Jermany, Clyla, Brianna, Elizabeth and Sabrina.